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About RSAccounts

RSAccounts was created to provide an easy way to purchase accounts safely and securely at competitive prices with zero risk of recovery.
Every account sold in the shop is strictly created by me, BiPollaire Bear.

All the accounts are hand created and registered by me, leveling and questing on the accounts is done by my trusted workers, some who have been apart of the team for over 3 years.
All accounts are created on a United States IP address, and is typically limited to 3-4 accounts maximum per IP.

My support is usually available 16 hours a day, whether you leave me an email, a discord message, etc. You are very likely to get a response well within 24 hours.

Why buy from here?
2,000+ individual OSRS accounts sold.
1,250+ Positive feedback on Sythe.org.
10,000+ hours of staking rentals provided.
4+ Years actively trading OSRS accounts and rentals.
Only original owner accounts sold here, no risks of issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Are the login usernames easy?
Accounts sold here have short and simple usernames, example: bear@gg.com

• Is the email unregistered?
No, accounts I sell have an email attached. Emails are linked to my accounts so I can have proper control while creating and training them.
Many people think buying an account with 'unregistered' email makes it safe. this is simply not true, its commonly used as a false sense of security. Read here
Depending on how you purchase an account from me, the attached email will be provided, or I will manually assist you to change the email to your own when the sale is conducted.

• Will I get the original email?
The original email is not provided, the login usernames I provide don’t necessarily have a real email address.
The only email that can be used to recover an account or change the password is the email currently attached to the account. You can confirm this from the official RuneScape website.
The "original email" is simply a login username; it is not necessarily a real email address. If it follows the traditional name@eg.eg email format, it can be used as a login name.