Terms of Service
Any services provided by RSAccounts.ca constitutes your acceptance of the Terms of Service.

Account Purchases

If, in the very rare case that the account gets locked, I will assist you in unlocking/recovering the account. I may ask for additional info from you (membership details, previous passwords, etc). I will always try my absolute best at recovering/unlocking the account for the lifetime of the account.

If I cannot unlock/recover the account (this would be extraordinarily rare), I will refund you the full purchase price. After 1 year past the purchase date, I will not refund you if I am unable to succeed

All accounts I sell have an email attached. Upon purchase, the email will be changed to one of your choice. Alternatively, you can be given an email login to conduct the change yourself.

Recovery details are not provided by default; you will still have full access to the account without recovery details. If you wish to receive the details you can request them from me.

If the payment was made via PayPal, I will not provide recovery details at the time of purchase. You can request to receive the recovery details 3 months after the account purchase date.

If I have provided recovery details to an account at your request, I will not be obligated to refund you after 3 months of purchase if I am unable to succeed at recovering/unlocking the account.

If you wish to re-sell the account, I can sometimes buy it back for a different price. I will not be obligated to repurchase if I do not wish to. You are always free to re-sell the account on your own. I will never rebuy an account that I have provided recovery details of.

I will not be held responsible for any infractions (Bans, Mutes, etc.) on the account after the sale is completed.

Staking Rentals

If you log off the account for more than 10 minutes without notice, I will assume you finished and will end your session early (just message me if you need to go AFK)

No breaking in-game rules (Commission staking, Scamming, RWT, etc.) If you need to buy or sell gold, you must do it from your personal account.

I am not liable if the tentacle whip breaks during a stake. Make sure to check its charges before starting, If a recharge is needed, let me know as soon as possible!

Do not leave dual arena or location used for payment and keep private chat set to "Friends"

Do not remove people from the friends list, Unless you added them yourself. (especially if it’s the account you traded payment to!)

No refunds will be given! (even if you do not use your full time)

I will not be liable for any wealth on the account if a ban occurs during your session.

You must obey the time limits set by me, or I will be forced to kick you off the account.

If you exit the website and I am unable to contact you with in-game messages (Private chat is turned off, or contact account was deleted from friends). I will be unable to warn you of me changing the password and will change it immediately if needed.

Gold Buying

RSAccounts.ca does not sell gold. All gold buying links on the website are paid advertisements.
I will not be held liable should anything happen on these websites. Though I make sure to only accept extremely trusted businesses to advertise with.